srijeda, 7. siječnja 2009.

Izraelska vojska namjerno napada civile u UN-ovim školama

slika: Ashraf Amra

U izraelskom napadu na UN-ovu školu u izbjegličkom logoru Jabaliya na sjeveru Pojasa Gaze u koju su se sklonili raseljeni Palestinci koji su pobjegli iz svojih domova pred izraelskim napadima u utorak (06. siječnja) ubijeni su desetci Palestinaca. Ubijeno je 42 ljudi, a najmanje 55 ranjeno. Među ubijenima je mnogo žena i djece. U trenutku napada u školi u se nalazile stotine ljudi. Očekuje se da će broj mrtvih porasti jer su neki od ranjenih u kritičnom stanju. Jedno vrijeme nakon napada je kolima hitne pomoći bilo onemogućeno da dođu do škole.

U UNRWA-inim školama u Pojasu Gaze utočište je potražilo oko 15 000 Palestinaca koji su izbjegli iz svojih domova u Pojasu Gaze pred izraelskim kopnenim napadom. 3 su izbjeglice ubijene u ponedjeljak u noći u izravnom napadu izraelske vojske na UNRWA-inu školu u Gazi. UN tvrdi da je još jedna UNRWA-ina škola napadnuta u Rafahu, a u jednom je izraelskom napadu na susjednu zgradu oštećena bolnica i ranjeno 10 bolničara i pacijenata. John Ging, najviši UN-ov dužnosnik u Pojasu Gaze je rekao da su svi stanovnici terorizirani i traumatizirani i pozvao međunarodnu zajednicu da zaustavi izraelski napad. Ging je svjetske čelnike optužio da su odgovorni za smrt civila u Gazi.

Glasnogovornik izraelske vojske je rekao da je iz škole bila ispaljena mina, pa je zato bombardirana.

Izraelska je vojska u utorak u Pojasu Gaze ubila najmanje 82 Palestinca. Broj ubijenih je porastao na 640, a više je od 2850 ranjenih. Od ozljeda je u egipatskoj bolnici preminuo palestinski kamerman Bsil Faraj koji je prije nekoliko dana ranjen u Pojasu Gaze dok je snimao za alžirsku televiziju. U jednoj je kući u Gazi ubijeno 13 članova iste obitelji, uključujući najmanje 1 dijete.

Tijekom noći je u izraelskim napadima ubijen ili preminuo od ranije zadobivenih ozljeda 21 Palestinac.

Genocid u logoru Gaza
AI USA: akcija za zaštitu civila u Gazi i Izraelu

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Our victims: they have names and faces
Following is the first reported list of names of the 187 Palestinians who died on the first day of the Israeli terrorist attack on Gaza

Eva Bartlett in Gaza: Where would you go?
If your unbelievably small and overcrowded land was being terrorized, pulverized by bombs from the world’s 4th largest military, and your borders were closed; if your house was not safe, mosque (church) not safe, school not safe, street not safe, UN refugee camp not safe…Where would you go, run, hide? Over 15,000 have been made homeless, internal refugees from Israel’s house-bombings, shelling, and shooting. Some have been housed in UN schools around Gaza. In Jabaliya today, Israeli warplanes bombed one such school. Shifa’s director conservatively estimates 40 dead, 10s injured. It must be higher. I will go to the recieving hospital and look at the mutilated survivors, maybe see the corpses come in. Then I will tell and show you, if I’m not bombed.

Gaza civilian death toll rises steeply
The killings take the total toll in Palestinian lives since the Israelis launched their assault on the Gaza strip 11 days ago to more than 600. Doctors at Gaza hospitals say that at least one-fifth of the victims are children and that a large number of women are among the dead.

Free Gaza Movement najavljuje novo putovanje brodom u Gazu. Na brodu će s Cipra, kroz međunarodne vode, do teritorijalnih voda Pojasa Gaze ploviti 30 civila – liječnika, novinara, parlamentarnih zastupnika i aktivista za ljudska prava – iz Belgije, Kolumbije, Francuske, Velike Britanije, Grčke, Irske, Jordana, Kuvajta, Škotske, Španjolske i Sjedinjenih država.

Turkey-Israel basketball game canned after pro-Gaza protesters storm court

Jewish and Arab students clash on Gaza offensive
At least 10 protesters were arrested, including the chair of the Arab student union. Officials at Haifa University said the protest against Israel was not pre-approved by the faculty, and therefore had to be dispersed with force.

Gaza Phone Tag
“…hundreds of thousands of Gazans have received warnings in the form of telephone messages or fliers that their buildings are Israeli targets…”

UK company boycotts Israeli consumers
Meiron Gestman, a computer engineer from Ramat Gan, discovered to his surprise on Monday that he could not purchase a scarf online from the London-based Pashmina company. The reason for this was that the company which he wished to order from had joined a boycott against Israel due to the military operation in Gaza.

We must stop arming Israel
Brown must also halt Britain's arms exports to Israel, and persuade our EU counterparts to do the same. The government's own figures show Britain is selling more and more weapons to Israel, despite the questions about the country's use of force. In 2007, our government approved £6m of arms exports. In 2008, it licensed sales 12 times as fast: £20m in the first three months alone. There is a strong case that, given the Gaza conflict, any military exports contravene EU licensing criteria. Reports, though denied, that Israel is using illegal cluster munitions and white phosphorus should heighten our caution. I want an immediate suspension of all arms exports from the EU, but if that cannot be secured, Brown must act unilaterally.

Israeli offensive in Gaza
For all the nasty and inflated rhetoric of people like Ahmedinajad in Iran it is actually the Israelis, under the protection of the Washington-Jerusalem axis led by Bush and Olmert, who are driving the Palestinians into the sea. Where does all this horror and barbarism come from? More than 60 years ago Christian Europe was complicit in the Nazi extermination of 6 million Jews as well as hundreds of thousands of gypsies, homosexuals and political dissidents. Europe then attempted to assuage its guilt by helping to create the state of Israel, thus landing our problem in the lap of the completely guiltless Palestinians. Tragically, it seems that, as sometimes happens with individual humans, the abused is becoming the abuser. That is why the massive bombardment from land, sea and air of a civilian population besieged and entrapped within a tiny area carries such sinister resonances of the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. It is astonishing that there has been virtually no international condemnation at official level of the bombing of a mosque in Gaza during evening prayers with at least a dozen people militarily murdered in the process. Had this been a church or a synagogue in Israel, one can only imagine the outcry.