srijeda, 6. siječnja 2010.

VIVA PALESTINA probila ilegalnu izraelsku blokadu!!!

granični prijelaz Rafah

VIVA PALESTINA je oko 19 sati po lokalnom vremenu probila ilegalnu i nečovječnu izraelsku i egipatsku blokadu
Pojasa Gaze. Vozila i aktivisti ulaze kroz prijelaz Rafah u Gazu. Hvala svima koji su vršili pritisak na egipatske vlasti da konvoj puste u Gazu.

Redoviti update i najsvježije informacije o humanitarnom konvoju VIVA PALESTINA:



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Nekoliko linkova o Gaza Freedom Marchu:

The Real News: Gaza Freedom March in Israel

Egypt's shameful ban on freedom marchers

In Cairo, the demonstrations culminated in a mass action on December 31, the same day that the protests were taking place in Gaza and Israel. While the stated intention of our march was to head for Gaza on foot, we knew we would be stopped by Egyptian police almost instantly. So we decided to start our march in Tahrir Square, Cairo's equivalent of Times Square, and one of the busiest and most public spots in the city. Because the police had made it impossible to congregate in large groups without being instantly surrounded, protesters gathered in the square in small groups, dressed as tourists. At a pre-determined time, a small group of volunteers pulled out flags and marched into the street, chanting "Free, free Gaza" and stopping traffic on a busy street. Within minutes, a group of around 500 people had assembled. When the police tried to push us onto the sidewalk, dozens of people sat down in the street until police removed them by force--often quite violently, grabbing and dragging people who nonviolently resisted, and hitting at least one person in the face with a walkie-talkie. The police succeeded in penning us in a small, controlled area on a sidewalk within minutes. We hung banners from a conveniently located tree, held a speakout with representatives from all the country delegations present, and chanted in English and Arabic. We renamed our bit of sidewalk "Free Gaza Square." Throughout the day, we received gestures of solidarity from ordinary Egyptians--from hastily flashed victory signs to food and water passed through the police lines.

Linkovi Gaza:

Photostory: Commemorating the assault on Gaza

Copy of Letter to Chairman Berman (D-CA) and Ranking Member Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) from Judge Goldstone regarding HR 867
Pismo američkim kongresnicima u kojem sudac Richard Goldstone (koji je predvodio UN-ov tim koji je istraživao kršenja međunarodnog prava tijekom izraelskog napada na Gazu) ispravlja činjenične netočnosti i informacije i izjave izvađene iz konteksta, sadržane u rezoluciji kojom je američki kongres osudio izvještaj Glodstoneovog tima o ratu u Gazi. Izvještaj poziva na istragu zločina počinjenih od strane izraelske vojske i palestinskih naoružanih skupina, čemu se SAD, kao i obično, protive.