utorak, 10. studenoga 2009.

Peticija za ukidanje nuklearnog naoružanja

Predsjednik Obama je 05. travnja 2009. u Pragu obećao da će Sjedinjene Države predvoditi borbu za nuklearno razoružanje i ukidanje nuklearnog naoružanja.

Svojim potpisom na ovu peticiju
pozdravljamo Obaminu najavu i pozivamo američkog predsjednika da ispuni svoje obećanje tako što će na Konferenciji o Sporazumu o neširenju nuklearnog naoružanja, koja će se u svibnju 2010. održati u Ujedinjenim narodima, najaviti pokretanje multilateralnih pregovora o međunarodnom sporazumu kojim bi se ukinulo nuklearno naoružanje.

Međunarodna peticija za ukidanje nuklearnog naoružanja
Obami će biti dostavljena prije spomenute UN-ove konferencije o neširenju nuklearnog naoružanja koja će se održati u svibnju 2010.

Za potpisivanje peticije
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Linkovi/vijesti za Palestinu/Izrael:

Testimonies of the fishermen abducted on 6/4/2009

At 10.00pm they were put on a bus to be taken to the Erez crossing. Later, after their blindfolds were removed at the crossing, they saw they were being guarded by seven soldiers. At Erez, the border soldiers asked the naval soldiers why these people had been arrested. They were told that the Palestinian fishermen were fishing in a restricted area. Izhaq told the officer that this was a lie and that they had been fishing in a permitted area. The Israelis released them and warned them that they had five minutes to reach the Palestinian side of the crossing. The fishermen asked the Israelis to give them some money to take a taxi home because they were barefoot. The Israelis refused and told them that if they don't go straight ahead to the other side of the crossing they would shoot them.

Fishing under fire

Site o palestinskim ribarima koji uređuje ISM Gaza.

Gideon Levy: Herding the shepherds

Next to Bashrath's tents, a touch away but fenced off, is a modern well from which a wide pipe emerges. These are the waters of the settlements. Sweet, flowing, pure water of life. It's for the settlers - to irrigate their fields, fill their pools and fish ponds, grow their decorative gardens. Bashrath has pleaded to be allowed to hook up to this water line, in return for payment, of course, so that his family and sheep can have water. He has been met with refusal. Nowhere is the injustice more flagrant than next to this well. Nowhere is the apartheid more blatant than it is here, in the Jordan Rift Valley.