ponedjeljak, 19. studenoga 2012.

Peticija: Zaustavite ubijanje u Gazi

Na linku možete potpisati peticiju Vijeću sigurnosti UN-a, Europskoj uniji, Arapskoj ligi i SAD-u kojom tražimo trenutačnu uspostavu sveobuhvatnog prekida vatre u Pojasu Gaze, zaštitu civila na svim stranama i rješavanje rastuće humanitarne krize.

Prijevod teksta peticije:
Molimo vas da odmah djelujete kako biste osigurali uspostavu sveobuhvatnog prekida vatre u Pojasu Gaze, zaštitu civila na obje strane i počeli rješavati sve goru humanitarnu krizu. Samo se energičnom međunarodnom akcijom može zaustaviti krvoproliće, granični prijelazi u Gazi ponovo sigurno otvoriti i ostvariti stvaran napredak prema postizanju mira.

Za potpisivanje peticije potrebno je na linku upisati Ime i prezime (Name), Email adresu, odabrati Zemlju (Country), upisati Poštanski broj (Post code) i kliknuti na SEND.

Izvor i link na peticiju: Stop the Gaza killings

I lost my daughters in Gaza last time. Surely the bloodshed has to end
The Israelis cannot claim self-defence. It is invasion, using all means from all directions – from air, ground and sea. Israel's cabinet authorised the mobilisation of up to 75,000 reservists late last Friday, preparing the ground for a possible Gaza invasion. Rather than self-defence, it is escaping responsibility. By contrast, is it not the right of the occupied to fight and free themselves from occupation and the continuous invasion and humiliations? What allows evil to flourish is good people doing nothing. It's time for political leaders to be courageous. What are they going to say to their children when they watch other children killed. Where's an international system built on justice and human values? History repeats itself, it's said. But this time history has not been allowed to repeat itself, since there has been no let up in the suffering and killing of the Palestinians, which continues on a daily basis. And we tend to keep appointments – at the time of elections, there are invasions, Palestinian blood used to win political campaigns.

Richard Falk: The latest Gaza catastrophe
This spectacle of one-sided war in which Israel decides how much violence to unleash, and Gaza waits to be struck, firing off militarily meaningless salvos of rockets as a gesture of resistance, represents a shameful breakdown of civilisation values. These rockets do spread fear and cause trauma among Israeli civilians even when no targets are struck, and represent an unacceptable tactic. Yet such unacceptability must be weighed against the unacceptable tactics of an Israel that holds all the cards in the conflict. It is truly alarming that now even the holiest of cities, Jerusalem, is threatened with attacks, but the continuation of oppressive conditions for the people of Gaza, inevitably leads to increasing levels of frustration, in effect, cries of help that world has ignored at its peril for decades. These are survival screams! To realise this is not to exaggerate! To gain perspective, it is only necessary to read a recent UN Report that concludes that the deterioration of services and conditions will make Gaza uninhabitable by 2020. Completely aside from the merits of the grievances on the two sides, one side is militarily omnipotent and the other side crouches helplessly in fear. Such a grotesque reality passes under the radar screens of world conscience because of the geopolitical shield behind which Israel is given a free pass to do whatever it wishes. Such a circumstance is morally unendurable, and should be politically unacceptable. It needs to be actively opposed globally by every person, government, and institution of good will.