petak, 15. listopada 2010.

Tražite od OECD-a da otkaže planiranu konferenciju o turizmu u Jeruzalemu

Crkva svih Naroda na Maslinskoj gori u ilegalno okupiranom palestinskom Istočnom Jeruzalemu

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možete poslati već gotovu e-mail poruku Angelu Gurriji, predsjedniku Organizacije za ekonomsku suradnju i razvoj (OECD) u kojoj pozivate da se održavanje ovogodišnje konferencije OECD-a o turizmu u Jeruzalemu u razdoblju od 20. do 22. listopada otkaže zbog istjerivanja Palestinaca iz tog grada i sustavne diskriminacije kojoj su Palestinci u Jeruzalemu izloženi.

Izrael je u suprotnosti s međunarodnim pravom i jednostrano anektirao staru jezgru Jeruzalema i njenu okolicu, koji se nalaze na palestinskom teritoriju, te svojata cijeli Jeruzalem kao "svoj glavni grad". Izrael u ilegalno okupiranom palestinskom Istočnom Jeruzalemu, kršeći međunarodno pravo, gradi turističke atrakcije, podiže židovske kolonije i protjeruje palestinske građane.

Održavanje konferencije o turizmu u Jeruzalemu također osobito neprimjerenim čini i to što se sve velike turističke atrakcije u Jeruzalemu nalaze u njegovom ilegalno okupiranom palestinskom dijelu.

Izvor i link na akciju: Action Alert : Demand The OECD Cancel Their Planned Tourism Conference in Jerusalem



Congress Defends Murder of American Peace Activist and Other War Crimes

If these members of Congress believe that a foreign government has the right to murder an American peace activist on the high seas, it inevitably raises questions as to how they might react to the murder of peace activists by local, state or the federal government here at home. There were other troubling aspects of these letters as well. The House letter urged President Obama "to remain steadfast in defense of Israel" in the face of the near universal international condemnation of this blatant violation of international maritime law and other legal statutes, which the signatories referred to as "a rush to unfairly judge and condemn Israel." The Senate letter condemned the near unanimous vote of the UN Human Rights Council for what it called "singling out" Israel, even though no other country in recent memory has attacked a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters. Both letters called upon the United States to veto any resolution in the UN Security Council criticizing the Israeli attack.

'We wouldn't eat their sandwiches!' –an interview with Lillian Rosengarten

“It's very simple. What was revealed was really the most powerful component of this trip -- Jews against Jews. I saw the side of the Jewish experience that will do anything to preserve the myth of Israel. And the Jews who dissent -- against the Jews who've become a military state that seized Palestinian land and that has a siege of the entire Palestinian population and enforces collective punishment -- well they lose their humanity, and that dissent has to be crushed, to keep the myth of Israel going. Look at Yonatan. When a man of conscience decides he can't bomb Palestinians, he says, no I can't do it, he is seen as a traitor instead of a patriot. And now it is to the point that a Jew who doesn't go along with the right position is deported.”