srijeda, 30. lipnja 2010.

Još linkova o blokadi Gaze i napadu na humanitarnu flotilu

Izvještaj turske humanitarne organizacije IHH o humanitarnoj flotili, izraelskom napadu na brodove i aktiviste, te zlostavljanju i kršenju ljudskih prava aktivista za vrijeme dok su držani u zatočeništvu. U flotili su sudjelovali građani iz 36 zemalja (Alžira, Australije, Bahreina, Belgije, Bosne i Hercegovine, Kanade, Egipta, Francuske, Njemačke, Grčke, Indonezije, Irske, Italije, Jordana, Kosova, Kuvajta, Libanona, Makedonije, Malezije, Mauritanije, Maroka, Novog Zelanda, Norveške, Omana, Pakistana, Palestine, Poljske, Srbije, Južne Afrike, Španjolske, Švedske, Sirije, Turske, Ujedinjenog kraljevstva, SAD-a i Jemena), među njima i parlamentarni zastupnici iz Njemačke, Kuvajta, Izraela, Irske, Švedske, Grčke, južnog Cipra, Maroka, Jemena, Egipta i Alžira, 89-godišnji arhiepiskop Helarion Capycci, te brojni aktivisti, intelektualci i predstavnici nevladinih udruga.

Mairead Maguire: Choose Peace

It is time for the International Community to finally stop allowing Israel to act with blatant disregard for human Life, Human rights and International Law. The partial lifting of the siege shows what International pressure can achieve, but it is not enough and only a full lifting of the siege can bring freedom to the people of Gaza. It is time for Israel to choose peace. It is time for world leaders and the international Community to join together and call on Israel to lift the siege of Gaza completely, End the occupation of Palestine and allow the Palestinian people their right to Self-determination. To help bring closer that day we can all do something. Not everyone can go with The Freegaza boat people, but supporting the BDS campaign, calling for an end to EU special trading status with Israel insisting that USA end its economic/military assistance to Israel until it upholds its International commitments. Palestine is a key to peace in the Middle East so by us all refusing to be 'silent' in the face of Israel's continued apartheid policies we can all bring closer an end to all violence in the Middle East.

Activists prevent Israeli ship from unloading at US port

For the first time in US history, a peaceful protest was able to stop workers from unloading an Israeli cargo ship on Sunday, 20 June, in the San Francisco Bay area. From 5:30am until 7pm, social justice activists and labor union organizers blocked and picketed several entrances at the Port of Oakland, preventing two shifts of longshoremen with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) to come to work and unload the Israeli Zim Lines cargo ship.

Palestinian trade unionists call on dockworkers to block Israeli trade

Today, we ask you to join the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU), who resolved not to offload Israeli ships in Durban in February 2009 in protest of Israel's war of aggression on Gaza, and the Swedish Dockworkers Union who resolved to blockade all Israeli ships and cargo to and from Israel in protest of Israel's attack against the Freedom Flotilla and the ongoing deadly Israeli siege of the occupied Gaza Strip. Israel's ongoing blockade of essential food, health, educational and construction supplies is not only immoral, it is a severe form of collective punishment, a war crime that is strictly prohibited under Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, that is inducing mass poverty, water contamination, environmental collapse, chronic diseases, economic devastation and hundreds of deaths. This three-year-old medieval siege against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza has been squarely condemned by leading legal experts, including UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Prof. Richard Falk, who described it as constituting "slow genocide." Israel's deplorable attacks on the unarmed ships are a violation of both international maritime law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that "the high seas should be reserved for peaceful purposes." Under article 3 of the Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988, it is an international crime for any person to seize or exercise control over a ship by force, and also a crime to injure or kill any person in the process. As prominent international law scholars have recently confirmed, there is absolutely no legal justification for Israel's act of aggression against international civilian ships carrying humanitarian and developmental aid to civilians suffering under occupation and a patently illegal blockade, which has created a man-made and deliberately sustained humanitarian catastrophe. Our response must be commensurate with this crisis. Gaza today has become the test of our universal morality and our common humanity.

Daybreak outpouring of Bay Area picketers stops unloading of Israeli ship

International organizations renew condemnation of Gaza siege

In its statement released following the Israeli government's announcement, Amnesty International urged the Israeli government to "completely lift" its blockade against Gaza. Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International's director for the Middle East and North Africa, denounced Israel's move: "This announcement makes it clear that Israel is not intending to end its collective punishment of Gaza's civilian population, but only ease it. This is not enough ... Any step that will help reduce the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza is to be welcomed, but Israel must now comply with its obligations as the occupying power under international law and immediately lift the blockade." ... "Just as important as allowing goods into Gaza is allowing exports to leave Gaza, yet there is no mention of this in today's announcement," stated Smart. "Banning the vast majority of exports, raw materials and the movement of people has destroyed the economy of Gaza, and pushed its population into unemployment, poverty and dependency on aid agencies for survival. These problems will not be solved while the blockade continues." Amnesty's appeal comes on the heels of a similar statement released on Monday, 14 June by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). ... "The closure imposed on the Gaza Strip is about to enter its fourth year, choking off any real possibility of economic development," the statement read. "Gazans continue to suffer from unemployment, poverty and warfare, while the quality of Gaza's health care system has reached an all-time low ... The whole of Gaza's civilian population is being punished for acts for which they bear no responsibility. The closure therefore constitutes a collective punishment imposed in clear violation of Israel's obligations under international humanitarian law." The ICRC's full statement calls on the international community to make sure Israel ends the blockade and meets its obligations toward Palestinians in Gaza under humanitarian law ("Gaza closure: not another year!").

Part 5 Rachel Corrie Passengers Press Conference

Ilan Pappe: What drives Israel?

Israel is in a state of denial. Even in 2010, with all the alternative and international means of communication and information, most of the Israeli Jews are still fed daily by media that hides from them the realities of occupation, stagnation or discrimination. This is true about the ethnic cleansing that Israel committed in 1948, which made half of Palestine's population refugees, destroyed half the Palestinian villages and towns, and left 80% of their homeland in Israeli hands. And it's painfully clear that even before the apartheid walls and fences were built around the occupied territories, the average Israeli did not know, and could not care, about the 40 years of systematic abuses of civil and human rights of millions of people under the direct and indirect rule of their state. Nor have they had access to honest reports about the suffering in the Gaza Strip over the past four years. In the same way, the information they received on the flotilla fits the image of a state attacked by the combined forces of the old anti-Semitism and the new Islamic Judacidal fanatics coming to destroy the state of Israel. (After all, why would they have sent the best commando elite in the world to face defenceless human rights activists?)

Prosvjed u Beit Jali pored Betlehema 6-6-2010

Passengers grabbed Israeli weapons to stop the killing

Turkish survivors recount horror

Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught managed to speak to some of the injured activists, who are recovering in an Ankara hospital.

Tel Aviv peace Demonstration 5th june 2010 (flotilla event)

Gaza Freedom Graffiti in the Warsaw Ghetto

Aktivisti ispisali grafite na zidu varšavskog geta

Izraelski i poljski aktivisti Yonatan Shapira i Ewa Jasiewicz u nedjelju (27. lipnja) su na jednom zidu originalnog dijela varšavskog geta ispisali grafite „Oslobodite sve getoe“ i „Slobodna Gaza i Palestina“ na engleskom i hebrejskom, te izvjesili palestinsku zastavu i pozvali međunarodnu javnost da se pridruži aktivistima u globalnoj borbi za pravdu i podrži bojkot, dezinvestiranje i sankcije protiv Izraela.

Yonatan Shapira said: 'I was always taught growing up that the atrocities that happened to the Jewish people here happened because the world was silent. And therefore I cannot be silent. The Jewish people needed to be liberated from the ghettoes, and now Israelis need to be liberated from the crimes of their own government. Each one of us can take part in this global struggle for justice, and support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for the sake of not just the Palestinian people but for Israelis too'.

Miko Peled: Gaza Siege: Catastrophic, Not 'Unsustainable'

Armed Israeli commandos attacked the flotilla in international waters in an act of piracy. The people aboard the boat did what every navel officer would tell you was their duty: they heroically defended their ship and their cargo and, as we know, nine people gave their lives in this act of heroism. The Israeli commandos in panic and cowardice fired into the unarmed crowd, killing nine, and thus turned a mishap into an unspeakable tragedy. Had I been able to go on the Free Gaza flotilla this would have been my third attempt to enter the besieged Gaza where Israel has imprisoned and is slowly starving 1.4 million civilians, including 800,000 children. Palestinians have never had an army, a navy, a tank or a plane, yet they are being held under siege and are constantly attacked, suffering countless civilian casualties, horrific disease and inexcusable misery.

Flotilla raid diary: 'A man is shot. I am seeing it happen'

Someone who is going too slowly immediately gets a stun device fired into his arm. He falls. Another man who is not moving fast enough is shot with a rubber bullet. I think: I am seeing this happen right beside me. It is an absolute reality. People who have done nothing being driven like animals, being punished for their slowness. We are put in a group down on the deck. Where we will then stay for 11 hours, until the ship docks in Israel. Every so often we are filmed. When I jot down a few notes, a soldier comes over at once and asks what I am writing. That's the only time I lose my temper, and tell him it's none of his business. I can only see his eyes; don't know what he is thinking. But he turns and goes. Eleven hours, unable to move, packed together in the heat. If we want to go for a pee, we have to ask permission. The food they give us is biscuits, rusks and apples. We're not allowed to make coffee, even though we could do it where we are sitting. We take a collective decision: not to ask if we can cook food. Then they would film us. It would be presented as showing how generously the soldiers had treated us. We stick to the biscuits and rusks. It is degradation beyond compare. (Meanwhile, the soldiers who are off-duty have dragged mattresses out of the cabins and are sleeping at the back of the deck.) So in those 11 hours, I have time to take stock. We have been attacked while in international waters. That means the Israelis have behaved like pirates, no better than those who operate off the coast of Somalia. The moment they start to steer this ship towards Israel, we have also been kidnapped. The whole action is illegal.We try to talk among ourselves, work out what might happen, and not least how the Israelis could opt for a course of action that means painting themselves into a corner. The soldiers watch us. Some pretend not to understand English. But they all do. There are a couple of girls among the soldiers. They look the most embarrassed. Maybe they are the sort who will escape to Goa and fall into drug addiction when their military service is over? It happens all the time.

Ostali linkovi za Palestinu/Izrael:

"What solidarity means": a letter from Gilboa Prison

Ameer Makhoul je borac za ljudska prava, ravnatelj arapske mreže nevladinih organizacija Ittijah, jedan od vodećih aktivista palestinskog pokreta za bojkot, dezinvestiranje i sankcije i palestinski državljanin Izraela. Izraelske vlasti su Makhoula uhitile u ranim jutarnjim satima 6. svibnja 2010. u njegovom domu u Haifi i od tada se nalazi u pritvoru. Na početku su izraelske vlasti medijima zabranile svako izvještavanje o njegovom uhićenju, a gotovo 2 mu tjedna u pritvoru nisu bili dopušteni posjeti odvjetnika. Optužili su ga za „špijunažu“, a lokalne i međunarodne organizacije za ljudska prava osudile su njegovo uhićenje kao politički motivirani progon s ciljem slabljenja organiziranja palestinskih građana u Izraelu.

Više informacija o ovom slučaju na engleskom, hebrejskom, arapskom možete pronaći na blogu: FREE AMEER MAKHOUL & OMAR SAID

EU rubber-stamping grants for Israeli war industry

Israel's attacks on Gaza in late 2008 and 2009 provided its air force with an opportunity to experiment with state-of-the-art pilotless drones such as the Heron. Although human rights groups have calculated that the Heron and other drones killed at least 87 civilians during that three-week war, EU officials have tentatively approved the release of fresh finance to the Heron's manufacturer, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Two projects involving IAI have recently passed the evaluation stages of a call for proposals under the EU's multi-annual program for research, which has been allocated 53 billion euros ($64 billion dollars) for the 2007-13 period. The Union's executive arm, the European Commission, has confirmed that IAI is one of 34 Israeli "partners" involved in 26 EU-funded projects for information technology which are under preparation. Among the other Israeli firms being considered for such funding are Afcon, a supplier of metal detectors to military checkpoints in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including the Erez crossing between southern Israel and Gaza. Afcon was also awarded a contract in 2008 for installing a security system in a light rail project designed to connect illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem with the city center. Mark English, a Commission spokesman, said that the procedures relating to the projects have not yet been completed. But the Israeli business publication Globes reported last month that Israeli firms stand to gain 17 million euros ($21 million) from the latest batch of EU grants for information technology. According to Globes, this will bring the amount that Israel has drawn from the EU's research program since 2007 to 290 million euros ($360 million). Israel is the main foreign participant in the EU's science program. Officials in Tel Aviv say they expect Israeli firms and research institutes will have received around 500 million euros ($621 million) from the program by the time of its conclusion. ... drones made by IAI and other Israeli companies have been bought by several European countries taking part in the US-led war in Afghanistan. "The military industry is a central point of the Israeli economy," she said. "The equipment it makes is sold as 'battle-tested,' which is a dark way of describing its use in the occupied [Palestinian] territories."

An Interview with Cecilie Surasky: Echoes From The Warsaw Ghetto In Gaza

You don't have to compare what happened to Palestinians in Gaza to the Holocaust to make it seem more important than it already is. It already is so important and so unique in its own way. The Holocaust was a systematic, well planned extermination of millions of people… And it was six million Jews but it was 11 million people altogether. The other 5 million were homosexuals, socialists, artists, intellectuals, people with disabilities. Obviously in the case of Gaza and the Occupied Territories we don't have anything like that. But I do think that people do draw lessons from the rise of the Nazis. In Nazi Germany, the reign of Hitler was 12 years and before the Final Solution, the agenda to exterminate an entire people, you had a gradual legalized crushing and tightening of people's lives. And there are Jews who we have worked with and Jews who lived through that time and they say “look, you can't compare the systematic extermination in terms of the deaths of people. But I lived through that experience of dehumanization, of the crushing of people's freedom and spirit. And there are things that are similar.” The culture of collaborators that Israel creates to monitor and divide people. The black market that has emerged in Gaza similar to those in the ghettos. The sickness. The way those with money find a way to survive and perhaps even profit, and those without have little recourse. The slow death by bureaucracy and laws—in the West Bank farmers need multiple permits just to farm their own land- no guns are needed to destroy a family. The crackdown on human rights activists in Israel right now- the midnight raids and media gag orders on arrests of Israeli citizens, banning people like Noam Chomsky from the country simply because of their ideas, attempts to shut down human rights organizations… These are not the elements of a healthy democracy. These are signs of an incipient fascism. And I use that word because our many friends on the ground in Israel use that word now. I have letters of my great grandmother –I am looking at them right now sitting at my desk- from the Warsaw ghetto. That's where she was tortured to death and she wrote these letters to my grandparents asking for help. And I have letters from friends in Gaza. The tone of the letters feels similar to me. They're prisoners. They're trapped. They don't have enough food or supplies. They want help getting young relatives out. And they don't know what may happen the next day- a bomb, a lethal attack. And mostly, a sense that the world doesn't care. I am deeply haunted by that common message I heard from my great grandmother in the Ghetto and from people I've known in Gaza. Of course we see the echoes of that and of course Jews in Israel are a traumatized people. But the problem is, it doesn't help to compare Gaza to the Holocaust. Eleven million people are not being systematically slaughtered in Gaza . But what you do have is, as I said, a kind of a slow destruction of a culture, a slow destruction of life. It's a slow ethnic cleansing that is not only killing people but destroying families, destroying spirits, destroying an entire culture with a cruel and callous deliberate intention that causes massive unnecessary suffering on almost every level. They are literally prisoners. And that doesn't need to be compared to the Holocaust to know how horrible and immoral and outrageous it is and how it must be stopped. Operation Cast Lead killed some 1,400 people and injured countless others. The attack didn't just kill civilians including children, it terrorized an entire population of 1.5 million. It sent them a message that they can never be safe, they cannot protect their families. The level of dehumanization required to justify this kind of treatment of an imprisoned population of 1.5 million people is terrifying. Of course when I hear Israeli government officials use almost identical language that Nazis used to describe Jews, calling Palestinians a virus or bug that must be eradicated, it gives me terrible chills. That process of dehumanization is universal….it has happened in every corner of the earth, and the lesson is that Jews are just as capable as everyone else. We are not better or worse. We are the same.

Kutak za obožavatelje zlika i nedjela Shimona Peresa:

Na linku
možemo čuti kako irska mirovna nobelovka (koja je, za razliku od Peresa, svoju nagradu zaslužila) i mirovna aktivistica Mairead Maguire podsjeća da Shimon Peres nije samo otac izraelskog ilegalnog nuklearnog naoružanja, nego i otac utrke u nuklearnom naoružanju na Srednjem istoku.

subota, 26. lipnja 2010.

Linkovi o napadu na flotilu i blokadi Gaze 2

Freedom Flotilla - Ali El-Ewaisi testimony

Freedom Flotilla - Ali el-Ewaisi testimony (2)

Off the hook: Israel's own Widgery inquiry into Bloody Monday

The inquiry chairman, Jacob Turkel, has stated that holding people to account is a marginal issue. Israeli soldiers will not testify at the inquiry. Would any of the activists co-operate with or trust this kangaroo court? Would an activist beaten up by Israeli soldiers, who has seen their friends and colleagues killed and shot, feel safe going back? Will all their photographs and video footage be released intact after having been illegally confiscated by the Israeli authorities? Israel was very fast to release its own carefully edited selected footage. Turkey has understandably dismissed this inquiry. A valid inquiry requires Turkey's co-operation to share the findings of the post-mortems into the nine Turkish citizens killed. They reportedly show that one victim was shot five times from less than 45cm. Netanyahu has hand-picked two international observers including Lord Trimble who on the day of the attack on the flotilla was starting a "Friends of Israel initiative". They will not be allowed to vote on the inquiry's conclusions. In case of need, the commission can hold closed sessions as it sees fit.

Roger Waters - "We Shall Overcome"

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Massacre: London Rally - Ewa Jasiewicz and Alex Harrison

87 US senators support Israeli self-defense

Izrael je uglednu tursku humanitarnu organizaciju IHH proglasio terorističkom organizacijom, a 87 američkih senatora poziva Obamu da SAD to također učine.

The lawmakers brought particular attention to the Turkish Muslim charity involved with organizing the aid flotilla, and urged Obama to consider branding the IHH -- the acronym for the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation -- as a terrorist organization, as Israel did earlier this month. They also commended Obama for the action he took "to prevent the adoption of an unfair United Nations Security Council resolution (about the deadly raid) which would have represented a rush to judgment by the international community." A UN Security Council statement condemned the attack, but fell short of a call for an independent investigation, with the United States backing an Israeli probe.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner shot by Israeli army in Palestine

Greta Berlin Conveyed Message (Flotilla Massacre)

Iran will not send aid ship to Gaza

Iran je odustao od slanja brodova s humanitarnom pomoći u Gazu.

Dr. Fintan Lane describes raid on Challenger I part 1

Dr. Fintan Lane describes raid on Challenger I part 2

Dr. Fintan Lane describes raid on Challenger I part 3

Free Gaza Movement: Who Will Speak for the Palestinian Prisoners?

Iara Lee: The Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See: Smuggled Footage From the Flotilla Attack

Furthermore, after a meticulous examination of our footage, journalist Ali Abunimah has discerned some very troubling details about Israeli conduct aboard the Mavi Marmara. This includes evidence of Israeli commandos indiscriminately firing with live ammunition on groups of passengers who pose no threat, as well as the possible use of American and European-made weapons in hijacking the ship -- an infraction of both US and European arms agreements. What happened on the Mavi Marmara is not an anomaly for Israeli forces, nor is it a "botched" raid as many like to refer to it. Since the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, where Israeli forces dropped cluster bombs on civilian targets, through the devastation of "Operation Cast Lead" in 2008-09, where Israeli forces were found to have used white phosphorous on civilians in Gaza, we see a pattern of escalating brutality in which Israel continues to act with total impunity in violation of international law. We must use the momentum and outrage generated by Israeli actions aboard the flotilla to bring this pattern to an end.

Rim Banna: Defend Freedom

Edward Peck, Former US Ambassador describes raid on Gaza Flotilla

Jonathan Cook: Blockade 'Eased' as Gaza Starves more Slowly

The real goal of the blockade was set out in blunt fashion at its inception, in early 2006, shortly after Hamas won the Palestinian elections. Dov Weisglass, the government's chief adviser at the time, said it would put Palestinians in Gaza “on a diet, but not make them die of hunger”. Aid agencies can testify to the rampant malnutrition that followed. The ultimate aim, Mr Weisglass admitted, was to punish ordinary Gazans in the hope that they would overthrow Hamas. Is Mr Weisglass a relic of the pre-Netanyahu era, his blockade-as-diet long ago superseded? Not a bit. Only last month, during a court case against the siege, Mr Netanyahu's government justified the policy not as a security measure but as “economic warfare” against Gaza. One document even set out the minimum calories – or “red lines”, as they were also referred to – needed by Gazans according to their age and sex. In truth, Israel's “security” blockade is, in both its old and new incarnations, every bit a “civilian” blockade. It was designed and continues to be “collective punishment” of the people of Gaza for electing the wrong rulers. Helpfully, international law defines the status of Israel's policy: it is a crime against humanity. Easing the siege so that Gaza starves more slowly may be better than nothing. But breaking 1.5 million Palestinians out of the prison Israel has built for them is the real duty of the international community.

PCHR Calls for the Immediate and Complete End of the Illegal Closure of Gaza

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) emphasizes that in order to put an end to this dire situation a dramatic change is needed. Measures to ease the blockade announced by Israel in recent days are purely cosmetic and will not represent any significant improvement. According to media reports - and in line with a proposal put forward by the Quartet Representative to the Middle East, Tony Blair - Israel is planning to expand the list of permitted goods into Gaza moving from a list of permitted items to one of prohibited items; this measure is not adequate and does not represent any substantial change to the current illegal policy. Israel’s proposal is only shifting attention from the real problems and does not deal with the root causes of the crisis. Israel's proposed easing of the blockade fails to address the necessary measures to restart the economy of Gaza, such as the import of fuel and construction materials or the export of products from the Strip. Expanding the list of permitted items cannot improve the situation unless it is accompanied by the unconditional opening of all border crossings of the Gaza Strip. PCHR stresses that the alleged easing of the closure fails to address the most important issue: the freedom of movement of the imprisoned Palestinian population of Gaza. The 1.5 million people living in the Gaza Strip have the legitimate right to live normal, dignified lives, to enjoy freedom of movement and to have access to work, education and medical treatment. "The siege has transformed the Gaza Strip into an animal farm" forcefully notes Raji Sourani, Director of PCHR. "The risk is that Gaza is just passing to another form of illegal blockade, one that may become internationally accepted and institutionalized." The Quartet noted that the situation of the civilian population of Gaza is unsustainable, unacceptable and cannot be resolved by providing humanitarian aid; as confirmed by the ICRC, there is no sustainable solution other than the complete, immediate lifting of the closure. The whole international community must act decisively in order to put an end to the illegal closure of the Gaza Strip, and to ensure civilians legitimate human rights.

Yvonne Ridley: US Fear Factory Kills Free Speech

And should you be in any doubt, read a story about the latest decision to emerge from the US Supreme Court. In a majority 6-3 ruling it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to put food into the mouths of malnourished babies in Gaza or to give money to a charity to do the humanitarian act for you. Insane as it sounds, it is now a crime in America to work for peace and human rights in Gaza because the day-to-day running of The Strip is carried out by the democratically-elected Hamas government. Therefore it would be virtually impossible to bypass Hamas to operate in Gaza. In an astonishing McCarthy-like ruling any American who even offers advice to banned organizations like Hamas, including legal assistance and information on conflict resolution, will be prosecuted as terrorists. Be afraid, be very afraid … this is happening in the USA, here and now. Barack Obama's barmy administration reckons that even giving advice intended for peaceful purposes will amount to "material support" for terrorism. "The supreme court has ruled that human rights advocates, providing training and assistance in the nonviolent resolution of disputes, can be prosecuted as terrorists," said David Cole, a Georgetown university law professor who argued the case before the court. In the name of fighting terrorism, the court has said that the first amendment [on free speech] permits congress to make it a crime to work for peace and human rights. That is wrong." The ruling is designed to intimidate Palestinian supporters and their fundraising activity. Some have already been prosecuted and jailed for raising cash for social groups dealing with issues such as housing and welfare in Gaza.

Još nekoliko vijesti/linkova o Palestini/Izraelu:

UN urges Israel to rethink East Jerusalem construction plans

UN poziva Izrael da ne gradi u okupiranom Istočnom Jeruzalemu

Glavni tajnik UN-a Ban Ki-Moon je izrazio duboku zabrinutost zbog odluke jeruzalemskog gradskog poglavarstva o rušenju palestinskih kuća i daljnjoj izgradnji ilegalnih izraelskih kolonističkih naselja na području Silwana. Ki-Moon je upozorio da su ti potezi izraelskih vlasti u suprotnosti s međunarodnim pravom i voljom palestinskog stanovništva koje na tom području živi. Izraelsko je jeruzalemsko poglavarstvo odobrilo početne planove za rušenje 22 palestinska doma u četvrti Silwan koja se nalazi u Istočnom Jeruzalemu, ilegalno okupiranom palestinskom teritoriju. Američko ministarstvo vanjskih poslova je kritiziralo odluku. Izraelske desničarske skupine su pak u srijedu (23. lipnja) prijetile da će silom izbaciti 4 palestinske obitelji za koje tvrde da žive „na židovskom vlasništvu“ u četvrti Silwan u palestinskom Istočnom Jeruzalemu. Knessetski zastupnik Uri Ariel je u Knessetu najavio da će kolonisti unajmiti privatne zaštitarske tvrtke da do 4. srpnja 4 obitelji (ukupno 40 osoba) izbace iz zgrade koja je prije nastanka države Izrael bila sinagoga. Ta je sinagoga izgrađena u 19. stoljeću za malu zajednicu jemenskih Židova u Silwanu. U toj zgradi već 50 godina živi obitelj Abu Nab i tvrdi da je vlasnik te zgrade. U posljednjih nekoliko godina pojavili su se „nasljednici“ spomenute zajednice jemenskih Židova koji traže „povrat“ te zgrade, a potporu im pruža nacionalistička organizacija Ateret Cohanim, koja je zaposjela 2 susjedne zgrade – kontroverzne Beit Yonatan i Beit Hadvash. Ateret Cohanim je Beit Yonatan, 7-katnu stambenu zgradu, izgradio protuzakonito usred četvrti u kojoj je većinsko stanovništvo palestinsko. Izraelska se policija navodno već tjednima „sprema“ deložirati koloniste iz ilegalno sagrađene zgrade Beit Yonatan, a izvršenje naloga za deložaciju i zatvaranje zgrade, koji već 2 godine čeka na izvršenje, odgođeno je za potkraj mjeseca. Ilegalni kolonisti iz ilegalne zgrade Beit Yonatan zaprijetili su da će stvari slijedeći mjesec preuzeti u svoje ruke, ako policija ne deložira palestinske obitelji za koje tvrde da žive u „židovskom vlasništvu“.

Infrastructure Minister warns Hezbollah: Israel will fight for its gas fields

Israel will not hesitate to use force to protect its gas fields from being claimed by Lebanon, Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau warned this week in an interview with Bloomberg News. Lebanon parliament speaker Nabih Berri earlier this month urged his government to start exploring its offshore natural gas reserves, claiming that otherwise Israel would claim the resources.

Abbas: Israel must not expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem

Jeruzalemska je policija početkom lipnja zaplijenila izraelske osobne iskaznice 4 Hamasovih zastupnika u palestinskom parlamentu i naredila im da do srpnja napuste okupirani Istočni Jeruzalem. Izrael je tisućama Palestinaca oduzeo pravo na prebivalište u Jeruzalemu od 1967, od kada okupira Istočni Jeruzalem, ali aktivisti za ljudska prava upozoravaju da je ovo prvi puta da Izrael palestinskim građanima Jeruzalema oduzima pravo na prebivalište zbog političke pripadnosti.

Eitan Bronstein: An Israeli on Nakba Day: 'Our humanity is bound up with your right to return'

My request is, therefore, that you persist and will not give up your right to return. It might sound a little strange because who am I to ask of you to insist on your own rights, the basic right of people who were uprooted from their land and their homes. But despite this, despite how awkward or absurd this request may be, despite it sounds as minefield, I insist. Please, you and your children, don't ever give up your right to return. Not (only) for yourselves but for me also. Do you understand? If you give up this right all chance for a just life in this land will be lost and I will be sentenced to the shameful life of an eternal occupier, armed from the soles of my feet to the depths of my soul and always afraid, like all colonizers. From my point of view dangerous things might happen to us, the Israelis, if it happened that you, the Palestinian refugees, give up your right to return. ... Our humanity is bound up with your right to return. The day we expelled you from your land you carried a part of it with you. Only when you can return we will be able to restore our humanity. It is hard for us to continue in this way, with damaged humanities. It doesn't mean that all our humanity has left us, but, as you know, we were left mainly with vulgarity, condescension, militarism and fear. Yes, we have some beautiful things but about real humanity occupiers cannot even dream of. Actually to dream of it may be possible. About a life in cooperation with you here in our shared land. It is a beautiful and moving dream.

četvrtak, 24. lipnja 2010.

Tražite prekid uporabe bojevog streljiva protiv nenaoružanih civila u tzv. „tampon zoni“ u Pojasu Gaze

prije 2 tjedna metci izraelskih snajperista prozujali su samo nekoliko metara od ovih žena dok su radile u svom polju

Izvor: ISM: Stop the bullets! A call to end the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’
(ovaj poziv na akciju na engleskom možete pročitati na linku)

Međunarodni pokret solidarnosti, 19. lipanj 2010.

Katastrofalni izraelski napad na humanitarnu Flotilu slobode za Gazu, u kojem je ubijeno 9 ljudi, s pravom je zgrozio međunarodnu zajednicu. Međutim, za Palestince uporaba smrtonosne sile od strane izraelske vojske nije ništa novo. U tzv. „tampon zoni“ u Pojasu Gaze, bojevo se streljivo rutinski koristi protiv nenaoružanih prosvjednika i poljoprivrednika.

„Tampon zona“ je ilegalna

Izraelska vojska je na teritoriju Pojasa Gaze silom uspostavila „tampon zonu“ koja seže od 300 metara do 2 kilometra duž granice Pojasa Gaze s Izraelom, kršeći na taj način Sporazume iz Osla iz 1990-tih. U toj se zoni nalazi 30% obradive zemlje Pojasa Gaze, uključujući i najplodniju.

Izraelska vojska otvara vatru na nenaoružane poljoprivrednike

Izraelska vojska rutinski na poljoprivrednike koji pokušavaju obrađivati svoju zemlju u „tampon zoni“ ispaljuje bojevo streljivo, a povremeno i topničke granate. Istovremeno dok u Pojasu Gaze vladaju sveprisutno siromaštvo i pothranjenost, poljoprivrednici ne mogu doći do 1/3 svoje obradive zemlje bez izlaganja ekstremnoj opasnosti.

Poljoprivrednici su pokrenuli kampanju narodnog nenasilnog otpora

Nenaoružani prosvjednici u „tampon zoni“, koja se nalazi na međunarodno priznatom teritoriju Gaze, prosvjeduju protiv ilegalne konfiskacije poljoprivrednog zemljišta koja ima teške posljedice za napaćeno stanovništvo Gaze.

Izraelska vojska kako bi „rastjerala“ nenaoružane prosvjednike koristi bojevo streljivo uz smrtonosne posljedice po prosvjednike

Izraelska vojska namjerno na nenaoružane prosvjednike otvara vatru bojevim streljivom. Samo u travnju 2010. najmanje je 6 prosvjednika ranjeno bojevim streljivom. Jedna od tih 6 ranjenih bila je i malteška aktivistica Bianca Zammit koja je ranjena dok je s vojnicima jasno vidljive pozicije snimala prosvjed. Slijedeći je tjedan tijekom prosvjeda bojevim streljivom pogođen 19-godišnji Ahmad Dib, koji je 2 sata kasnije iskrvario na smrt.

Međunarodna zajednica ne može nastaviti šutjeti

Aktivistima za ljudska prava ne dopušta se da uđu u Gazu; ne dopušta im se da dokumentiraju i izvještavaju o humanitarnoj krizi. Izrael koristi bojevo streljivo protiv nenaoružanih prosvjednika i poljoprivrednika jer vjeruje da je zaštićen od pogleda i kritike međunarodne zajednice. Tražite od Izraela da prestane napadati nenaoružane civile u Pojasu Gaze bojevim streljivom.


1. Obratite se svojim predstavnicima i tražite da Izrael odgovara zbog nasilja protiv nenasilnih aktivista i okonča svoju opsadu Gaze

Nazovite ih ili pišite svojim predstavnicima u Izraelu: kontaktni podaci svih stranih veleposlanstava u Izraelu.

Za Hrvatsku:

Hrvatsko veleposlanstvo u Tel Avivu

Croatian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Canion Ramat Aviv

40 Einstein St.

Tel Aviv 69101


City: Tel Aviv

Phone: 00972 (0)3 643 8654

00972 (0)3 643 8655

Fax: 00972 (0)3 643 8503


Hrvatski konzulat u Ašdodu

Croatian Consulate in Ashdod, Israel

Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Ashdod, Israel

P.O.Box 4002

Ashdod, Israel

City: Ashdod

Phone: 00 972 8 8566 566

Fax: 00 972 8 8522 088

Hrvatski konzulat u Caesareji

Croatian Consulate in Caesarea, Israel

Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Caesarea, Israel

Hatarshish 8

P.O.Box 4318

Caesarea 38900


City: Caesarea

Phone: 00972 4 626 1487

Fax: 00972 4 626 1465


Hrvatski konzulat u Kfar Shmaryahuu

Croatian Consulate in Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel

Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in the State of Israel, Kfar Shmaryahu

Hasheked 8

Kfar Shmaryahu


City: Kfar Shmaryahu

Phone: 00 972 9 9500 104

Fax: 00 972 9 9589 765

Hrvatski konzulat u Jeruzalemu

Croatian Consulate in Jerusalem, Israel

Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Jerusalem, Israel

Shaarei Ha'ir Building, 5th Floor

216 Yaffo Street

Jerusalem 94 383, Israel

City: Jerusalem

Phone: +972 (0) 77 777 92 77

Direct No. +972 (0) 50 777 45 00

Fax: +972 (0) 77 777 92 05


Napišite vlastitu poruku ili se poslužite ovom već gotovom (primjer poruke na engleskom možete pronaći pri dnu stranice na linku):

Primjer poruke na hrvatskom:

Predmet/Subject: Izraelska uporaba bojevog streljiva protiv civila u "tampon zoni" u Pojasu Gaze

Poštovani veleposlaniče,

Da sigurnosne snage bilo koje zemlje otvaraju vatru bojevim streljivom na civile u SAD-u, Europi ili bilo kojoj drugoj zemlji koja se smatra demokratskom, međunarodna bi zajednica s pravom bila zgrožena. Međutim, izraelske sigurnosne snage rutinski koriste bojevo streljivo kad otvaraju vatru na nenaoružane stanovnike Gaze koji pokušavaju obrađivati svoja polja ili prosvjedovati na području ilegalne "tampon zone" koju su izraelske vlasti samovoljno i jednostrano nametnule u Pojasu Gaze, bez ikakve reakcije od strane međunarodne zajednice.

U proteklih 12 mjeseci izraelske su snage izvele najmanje 220 napada u tzv. "tampon zoni", uključujući 116 napada ove godine. U prvih 4 mjeseca 2010. u takvim je napadima ranjeno 50 stanovnika Gaze, a ubijeno njih 16.

30% obradive zemlje u Pojasu Gaze, uključujući i najplodniju zemlju na tom području, leži unutar zabranjene "tampon zone". Poljoprivrednici koji pokušavaju obrađivati svoju zemlju u toj zoni redovito se suočavaju s izraelskim napadima bojevim streljivom i uništavanjem usjeva, a povremeno i s napadima topničkim granatama. Izrael otvara vatru na palestinske poljoprivrednike koji na teritoriju Pojasa Gaze pokušavaju uzgajati hranu za osiromašeno i pothranjeno stanovništvo tog područja.

Nenasilne prosvjede protiv ilegalne "tampon zone" na tom području organiziraju lokalni poljoprivrednici. Izraelski su snajperisti samo u travnju 2010. bojevim streljivom ranili najmanje 6 prosvjednika, među njima i maltešku aktivisticu Biancu Zammit koja je pogođena u bedro dok je s jasno vidljive pozicije snimala prosvjed. Slijedeći je tjedan u nogu pogođen 19-godišnji Ahmad Dib koji je 2 sata nakon ranjavanja preminuo zbog iskrvarenja.

Izraelski napad na međunarodne humanitarne brodove rezultirao je međunarodnom osudom i kritikom izraelskih kršenja ljudskih prava, ali to nije dovoljno kako bi se Izrael natjeralo da prestane koristiti (protuzakonito, nerazmjerno i smrtonosno) nasilje protiv civila. Međunarodna zajednica ne može nastaviti pasivno promatrati humanitarnu katastrofu koja se u Pojasu Gaze održava na snazi upravo kroz politiku kakva je gore opisana.

Uporaba bojevog streljiva protiv civila u "tampon zoni" mora prestati.

Molim Vas da hitno zatražite trenutačan prekid uporabe bojevog streljiva protiv nenaoružanih poljoprivrednika, nenasilnih prosvjednika i drugih civila u tzv." tampon zoni" u Pojasu Gaze od strane izraelskih sigurnosnih snaga.

S poštovanjem,

[vaše ime i prezime]

2. Podržite poziv Palestinskog civilnog društva na bojkot, dezinvestiranje i sankcije protiv Izraela

Nakon posljednjeg napada na međunarodne aktiviste na brodovima Flotile slobode za Gazu nacionalni odbori za bojkot pozvali su na intenziviranje kampanja i akcija za bojkot, dezinvestiranje i sankcije protiv Izraela diljem svijeta (

Iako izraelski napad više na zauzima prostor u vijestima, izraelske oružane snage i dalje napadaju nenasilne aktiviste u Gazi. Prosvjednici i poljoprivrednici ranjavani su i ubijani bojevim streljivom svaki tjedan u blizini tzv. „tampon zone“. Ne smijemo ignorirati nasilje nad tim aktivistima, baš kao ni nasilje nad aktivistima iz flotile.

3. Ciljajte svoje lokalne trgovine koje prodaju izraelske proizvode

Supermarketi, modne kuće i druge trgovine koje prodaju izraelske proizvode mogu biti meta kampanje za bojkot izraelskih proizvoda.

Neke kampanje koje su u tijeku:

Izvori informacija za aktiviste:

Više informacija:

BDS Movement,

International Solidarity Movement,

Fishing Under Fire,

Farming Under Fire,

Još linkova o napadu na flotilu i blokadi Pojasa Gaze
Gaza Freedom Flotilla protest at Congressman Brad Sherman's office

Ann Wright, Ramzi Kysia, Medea Benjamin i drugi mirovni aktivisti prosvjeduju u američkom kongresu protiv izjava američkog kongresnika Brada Shermana koji je aktiviste humanitarnog konvoja u Kongresu vrijeđao nazivajući ih „teroristima“ i prijeteći da ih treba uhititi.

Life in Gaza

Palestine/Gaza: The Siege

Part 1: Huwaida Arraf interviewed 7-06-2010

Part 2 Huwaida Arraf interviewed 7-06-2010

srijeda, 23. lipnja 2010.

Tko su bili ubijeni turski humanitarci na brodu Mavi Marmara

Ovo su turski aktivisti s broda Mavi Marmara koje su 31. svibnja 2010. u napadu na civilni humanitarni konvoj u međunarodnim vodama ubili izraelski vojnici:

1. Ibrahim Bilgen (61),
električni inženjer iz Siirta, član turske Komore električnih inženjera, kandidat stranke Saadet na turskim općim izborima 2007. i kandidat za gradonačelnika Siirta 2009, oženjen, otac šestoro djece.

2. Ali Haydar Bengi (39),
obrtnik iz Diyarbakira, bavio se popravljanjem telefona, diplomirao na sveučilištu Al-Azhar u Kairu (na odsjeku za arapsku književnost), oženjen, otac 4 malodobne djece u dobi od 5 do 15 godina.

3. Cevdet Kiliçlar (38),
iz Kayserija, diplomirao na Fakultetu komunikacijskih znanosti na sveučilištu u Marmari, bivši novinar listova National Gazette i Anatolia Times, zadnju je godinu dana radio kao izvjestitelj i webmaster za tursku nevladinu humanitarnu organizaciju IHH, oženjen, otac 2 djece.

4. Çetin Topçuoglu (54),
iz Adane, bivši amaterski nogometaš i prvak u taekwondou, bivši trener turske državne taekwondo reprezentacije, oženjen, otac jednog djeteta; njegova je supruga Çigdem Topçuoglu također bila na brodu Mavi Marmara, ali je preživjela izraelski napad.

5. Necdet Yildirim (32),
humanitarni radnik IHH-a, iz Malatye, oženjen, otac trogodišnje djevojčice.

6. Fahri Yaldiz (43),
vatrogasac, radio u gradu Adiyamanu, oženjen, otac četvero djece.

7. Cengiz Songür (47),
iz Izmira, oženjen, otac sedmero djece.

8. Cengiz Akyüz (41),
iz Iskenderuna, oženjen, otac troje malodobne djece u dobi između 9 i 14 godina.

9. Furkan Dogan (19),
polaznik završnog razreda srednje škole u Kayseriju, čekao na rezultate prijemnog ispita za upis na fakultet, nadao se da će postati liječnik, državljanin Turske i SAD-a.

Izvor: Putting Names To Faces
(Više fotografija i informacija možete pronaći na linku.)

Još linkova o izraelskoj ilegalnoj blokadi i napadu na humanitarce:


“A partial lifting of the siege of Gaza by Israel, is not enough as the Israeli blockade of Gaza must be lifted completely. It is not enough that Israel allow a little more goods into Gaza, but that people and goods, both humanitarian and commercial, are allowed to move freely between Israel and Gaza. This was provided for in the Agreement on Movement & Access, which Israel signed up to in November 2005 and which set out the Arrangements that were supposed to operate for the passage of people and goods in and out of Gaza, in order to maintain its economic life, after Israel's alleged 'disengagement' from Gaza. It is urgent that there be unfettered access to meet the humanitarian needs and to enable rebuilding of not only home and infrastructure, but trade must be permitted to build up the Gazan and Palestinian economy. Under Oslo Agreement Israel Agreed to opening of Port of Gaza (closed over 40 years ago) and this must be Opened, as well as their airport (which was bombed by Israel) rebuilt, so the people of Gaza have land, sea and air access and are no longer cut off from their Palestinian families and World community.”

Testimony of Alex Harrison | Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting | London | Jun 9

utorak, 22. lipnja 2010.

Linkovi o napadu na flotilu i blokadi Gaze

Part 1: Lubna Masarwa, Survivor of the Mavi Marmara Massacre Speaks Out

Part 2: Lubna Masarwa, Survivor of the Mavi Marmara Massacre Speaks Out

Gaza Freedom Flotilla - The Shocking Truth Emerges

Izjave preživjelih aktivista o nasilju, ponižavanju, okrutnosti, premlaćivanju i zlostavljanju koje su doživjeli od strane izraelskih okupacijskih snaga nakon napada na humanitarne brodove. Opisali su kako su vidjeli ranjavanje svojih prijatelja, molili izraelske vojnike da pomognu ranjenima. Neki su bili korišteni kao ljudski štitovi, a drugi su pokušavali pse izraelske vojske spriječiti da grizu mrtve. Na jednom manjem brodu flotile izraelska je vojska na nenaoružane putnike, koji su većinom bile žene, ispaljivala gumene metke, upotrijebila puške za omamljivanje i prisiljavala žene da leže s licima okrenutim prema podu na kojem je sve bilo puno razbijenog stakla.

(Ovdje se u izjavama svjedoka u više navrata spominju Makedonci tako da se može zaključiti da su u flotili osim građana Srbije s područja bivše Jugoslavije sudjelovali također i građani Makedonije.)

Unedited Footage from Mavi Marmara of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Sat vremena materijala snimateljice i aktivistice za ljudska prava Iare Lee snimljenog prije i za vrijeme izraelskog napada na Mavi Marmaru može se pogledati na

Suddenly, "lift the siege" becomes "ease the siege"
Security remains Israel's main priority and this stance is endorsed by Mr. Blair, who told Haaretz newspaper, "When it comes to security, I'm 100 percent on Israel's side. Israel has the right to inspect what goes into Gaza." Beatrice Megevand-Roggo disagrees. The ICRC head of operations for the Middle East said, "Israel's right to deal with its legitimate security concerns must be balanced against the Palestinians' right to live normal, dignified lives." The ex-prime minister's views on the right of the Palestinians of Gaza to be secure and inspect what arms and military hardware enter Israel are not known. Tony Blair believes that progress is difficult "when Hamas are still prepared to say 'we don't give up the use of violence ...'." It thus appears to have escaped his notice that it is Israel which has been killing Palestinians and their supporters, notably during the hijacking of the aid flotilla and during the invasion of Gaza in January 2009 when more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed by Israel, one-third of them children. ... While there are, of course, pressing humanitarian reasons why aid should be allowed into Gaza without restriction, and with haste, aid agencies worried about the devastation of Gaza's economy are warning that their help can only ever be a temporary solution and more must be done to revive the economy to wean Palestinians off a dependency culture. According to Oxfam's policy director, Phil Bloomer, quoted in the Guardian, "Without a full lifting of the blockade [Gaza's economy] will continue on a downward spiral."

Gaza convoy activists claim Israeli soldiers using debit cards stolen in raid

Neki aktivisti iz flotile prijavljuju da su njihove kreditne kartice i mobiteli koje su im zaplijenile izraelske vlasti tijekom napada na flotilu kasnije bili korišteni. Izrael još uvijek svim aktivistima nije vratio putovnice, niti opremu i imovinu ukradenu tijekom napada.

Sea Battle Fear As Iran Sends Flotilla to Gaza

Iranski Crveni polumjesec je najavio da namjerava poslati 2 broda s humanitarnom pomoći u hrani i lijekovima, te 70 humanitarnih radnika u Pojas Gaze. Također je najavljena i mogućnost slanja 3. broda s operacijskom salom. Iranski predsjednik Ahmadinejad je zaprijetio da će brodove od izraelskog napada štititi „dobrovoljci marinci“. U Crvenom polumjesecu tvrde da će putovanje iranskih humanitarnih brodova u Pojas Gaze biti organizirano u suradnji s turskom vladom, a Ahmadinejad je na sastanku s turskim čelnicima u Istambulu rekao da brodovi neće prezati od izravnog sukoba s izraelskom vojskom.

Open Letter to Stephen Harper

In 2006, Israel launched a heinous war on Lebanon that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians. You, Mr. Harper, described Israel's action as a “measured response”, and this implicit green light and tacit approval from Canada to Israel to continue the rampage of death and destruction killed eight Canadians within a couple of days. Following this, the cold-blooded Israeli murder of a Canadian peacekeeper and three of his colleagues at a UN station in Southern Lebanon resulted in your outrageous and absolutely despicable remark effectively blaming the victims and asking what they were doing there in the first place. On May 31st and in international waters, Israel attacked an unarmed humanitarian aid ship before the whole world, murdered nine civilians aboard and wounded dozens, and kidnapped the rest and detained them illegally. ... Once again, Canada did not condemn Israel's barbaric actions and refused to demand our release, with Peter Kent incredibly stating "Canada doesn't believe a lot of noise is required in this instance." It would be a gross understatement to say that we are appalled at the muted response of our government in general and with any politician who did not speak out against what took place. ... So why is it that the government has participated in an inhumane siege on 1.5 million people that we were trying to break with this flotilla? Hundreds of innocent men, women and children have died in the past few years as a result of this crippling blockade and lack of access to necessary medical care. Further, why has the government not called Israel out on this piracy and blatant violation of international law? Why didn't Ottawa summon the Israeli ambassador to express its outrage, or at the very least demand an explanation? Why didn't you rebuke Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he was meeting with you since you knew full well that the attack took place in international waters? Finally, why, at the very least didn't the Canadian government demand our release and try to protect its citizens? ... Our government's action –or rather inaction – is a disgrace. In assisting with the slow genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza and falling silent before Israel's acts of piracy, murder and abduction, our government has not only tarnished the image of Canada and Canadians throughout the world, but has also shown its weakness and inability to stand up for those oppressed. Shame on us for keeping silent.

U.S., Israeli warships cross Suez Canal toward Red Sea

Američki i izraelski ratni brodovi prošli kod Sueski kanal prema Crvenom moru (19. lipanj 2010.)

Više od 12 američkih ratnih brodova i najmanje 1 izraelski brod prošli su u petak (18. lipnja) kroz Sueski kanal prema Crvenom moru. Egipatska je oporba kritizirala vladu zbog surađivanja s američkim i izraelskim snagama i dopuštanja brodovima da prođu kroz egipatske teritorijalne vode.

Lebanon flotilla organizers say ready to sail for Gaza 'very soon'

U pripremi su libanonski humanitarni brodovi za Gazu (21. lipanj 2010.)

Libanonski izvori bliski organizatorima objavili su da su pripreme za libanonsku humanitarnu flotilu još u tijeku, te da u Libanon pristižu aktivisti iz europskih zemalja koji žele sudjelovati u ovom novom pokušaju proboja izraelske blokade Pojasa Gaze. Među sudionicima iz različitih europskih zemalja je i nekoliko redovnica. Isplovljavanje brodova još uvijek nije dogovoreno s libanonskim vlastima, no organizatori se nadaju da im libanonske vlasti neće stvarati probleme i otežavati isplovljavanje, već da će od njih dobiti dozvolu za isplovljavanje bez da se i ta zemlja pokori pritisku Izraela i drugih zemalja. Prema libanonskom zakonu je zabranjeno prevoziti oružje morskim putem, a svaki brod koji želi isploviti iz libanonskih luka mora dobiti dozvolu libanonskih vlasti. Libanonski zakon također zabranjuje plovidbu za luke koje su pod izraelskom kontrolom (što uključuje Gazu koju Izrael ilegalno okupira), pa se predviđa da će brodovi tražiti dopuštenje za isplovljavanje prema Cipru ili Turskoj, a zatim naknadno promijeniti smjer putovanja prema Gazi.

Lebanon allows Gaza-bound ship to sail to Cyprus

Libanonske su vlasti dopustile brodu Julia s aktivistima i humanitarnom pomoći za Gazu da isplovi iz Libanona za Cipar. Libanonske vlasti navodno poriču da postoji još jedan brod – Miriam – koji su organizirale žene i koji također namjerava isploviti iz Libanona s humanitarnom pomoći za Gazu.

Mass Picket Blocks Unloading of Israeli Ship

Više od 800 prosvjednika blokiralo je pristanak izraelskog broda u Oaklandu u SAD-u.

Germany raps Israel for denying minister entry into Gaza

Izrael ministru njemačke vlade nije dopustio da uđe u Gazu kako bi razgledao humanitarni projekt koji u Gazi financira njemačka vlada.

Independent journalists dismantling Israel's hold on media narrative

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), which cited statistics from the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din, between 2000 and 2008, "Israeli soldiers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories killed more than 2,000 Palestinian civilians not involved in combat. Of 1,246 criminal investigations initiated during the same period into suspected offenses of all kinds by soldiers against Palestinian civilians, only 6 percent (78 cases) resulted in indictments. Only 13 of those indictments charged soldiers with killing civilians. As of September 2008, five soldiers had been convicted for the deaths of four civilians" ("Why No Justice in Gaza? Israel Is Different, and so ...," 1 October 2009). HRW found a similar pattern in cases stemming from Israel's infamous three-week attack on Gaza beginning on 27 December 2008. The invasion, which caused the deaths of more than 1,400 Palestinians, resulted in only one criminal conviction -- for the theft of a credit card belonging to a Palestinian family after soldiers looted their home.

(U flotili je sudjelovao i aktivist Free Gaza Movementa Paul Larudee
kojeg su izraelske snage tako jako pretukle da je morao biti hospitaliziran.)

Gaza's deadly power shortage

subota, 19. lipnja 2010.

Svjedočanstvo Kevina Neisha, jednog od preživjelih putnika s Mavi Marmare

Informacije iz članka What Kevin Neish Saw: Eyewitness to the Israeli Assault on the Mavi Marmara Davea Lindorffa, koji u cijelosti na engleskom možete pročitati na linku.

Kevin Neish (53) iz Victorije u Britanskoj Kolumbiji je nastavnik i bivši građevinski inženjer pri kanadskom ministarstvu obrane. Neish je tijekom izraelskog napada došao u posjed knjižice jednog izraelskog specijalca u kojoj su bile informacije o i slike svih putnika u flotili, što je i zabilježeno na video snimci i emitirano u svijet prije nego je izraelska vojska prekinula sve veze broda Mavi Marmara s vanjskim svijetom. U trenutku kad je počeo izraelski napad Neish se nalazio na 2. palubi glavnog broda Mavi Marmare. Tada se preselio na 4. palubu u jedno ograđeno stubište s kojeg je fotografirao žrtve koje su putnici nosili pored njega dolje u privremenu ambulantu. Vidio je i kako su unosili nekoliko specijalaca izraelske vojske, koje su putnici i posada broda zarobili.

„Vidio sam kako dolje nose jednog izraelskog vojnika. Izgledao je prestrašeno, kao da je mislio da će ga ubiti. Ali kad je jedan veliki turski putnik, koji je vidio teško ranjene putnike koje je izraelska vojska ranila, pokušao udariti vojnika, turski su ga humanitarci odgurnuli i stjerali uz zid. Zaštitili su izraelskog vojnika.“

Tada je Neish pronašao vojnikov ruksak u kojem se nalazila knjižica s podacima i fotografijama osoba koje su se nalazile na humanitarnim brodovima. Knjižica je također sadržavala detaljne nacrte paluba broda Mavi Marmare.

U međuvremenu je sve više i više ljudi bilo prebačeno dolje – ranjeni, umirući i već mrtve osobe. „Fotografirao sam mrtve i ranjene. Bilo je nekoliko muškaraca s jasnim rupama od metaka jednom do druge na jednoj strani glave – bilo je očito da su pogubljeni.“

Neish je svoje fotografije uspio prokrijumčariti iz Izraela u Tursku unatoč tome što je bio uhićen i pritvoren nekoliko dana u Izraelu. „Izraelci su nam uzeli sve kamere i kompjutere. Neke su razbijali, neke zadržali.“ Neke od Neishovih fotografija su objavljene.

Neish tvrdi da su tvrdnje da su izraelski specijalci bili naoružani puškama za paintball i 9 mm pištoljima „glupost – u jednom je trenutku dok sam se nalazio na stubištu jedan specijalac otvorio otvor na palubi iznad mene, kroz njega gurnuo strojnicu i otvorio vatru. Metci su se odbijali po cijelom prostoru. Da je uspio pogledati unutra i vidjeti kamo puca, bio bih mrtav, no 2 su Turka na stubištu stajala pored otvora i kratkim lancima koje su skinuli s mjesta za pristup čamcima za spašavanje udarala po cijevi puške. Ne znam da li su pokušavali udariti specijalca ili mu pomoću lanaca oduzeti pušku, ali Izraelac je ustuknuo, a oni su zalupili i zaključali otvor.“

„Niti u jednom trenutku nisam vidio pušku za paintball niti znakove koji bi upućivali da je netko koristio opremu za paintball!“

Neish također nije vidio da bi bilo tko od putnika imao oružje. „Cijelo vrijeme dok sam bio na tom brodu, niti jednom nisam vidio niti jedno oružje u rukama posade ili humanitaraca.“ Neish, koji je prvotno trebao putovati na manjoj jahti pod imenom Challenger II, prebacio se na Mavi Marmaru na Cipru, jer su njegov brod sabotirali izraelski agenti, pa je njime bilo nemoguće upravljati. „Kad smo došli na veliki brod [Mavi Marmaru], pretražili su mene i moju torbu kako bi se uvjerili da nemam sa sobom oružje. Obzirom da sam inženjer imao sam sa sobom džepni nožić, no oni su mi ga oduzeli i bacili u ocean. Nitko nije smio nikakvo oružje ponijeti na put. Posebno su o tome brinuli.“

Tijekom napada izraelske vojske vidio je nekoliko rana od metaka. „Osim nekoliko ubijenih, vidio sam i nekoliko desetaka ranjenih ljudi. Jedan se stariji muškarac bio naslonio na zid, a u grudnom košu je imao veliku rupu. Umro je dok sam ga fotografirao.“

Neish tvrdi da je vidio mnoge od 9 za koje se zna da su ubijeni i od 40 ranjenih i dodaje: „Bilo je također vrlo mnogo lakše ranjenih. U izraelskom sam zatvoru vidio ljude koji su imali rane od uboda noža i prijelome kostiju. Neki su svoje ozljede skrivali kako ih ne bi odvojili od ostalih.“ „Na početku su javljali da je na Mavi Marmari ubijeno 16 ljudi. U ambulanti su rekli 16. Bojali su se da su neka tijela možda bačena u more. No sada ljudi misle da su 7 osoba koje su nestale možda bile izraelski špijuni, budući da se organizatorima nisu javile njihove obitelji.“

Kad su izraelski specijalci zauzeli kontrolu nad Mavi Marmarom okupili su putnike i posadu i odvojili muškarce od žena. Muškarce su smjestili na jedan dio palube, a žene niže u drugi dio broda. Muškarcima su naredili da čuče, ruke su im vezali plastičnim lisicama. Neishu su ruke tako čvrsto stegli da je imao porezotine na zglobovima, a ruke su mu natekle i poljubičastile (još uvijek pati od oštećenja živca, no njegov se liječnik u Kanadi nada da će se njegovo stanje postupno samo popraviti).

„Naredili su nam da šutimo. No, u jednom trenutku je jedan turski imam ustao i počeo pjevati poziv na molitvu. Vladala je mrtva tišina – čak su i Izraelci zašutjeli. No, nakon otprilike 10 sekundi, jedan je izraelski časnik počeo gaziti kroz ljude koji su čučali, izvukao svoj pištolj i uperio ga imamu u glavu, te povikao 'Zaveži!' na engleskom. Imam je gledao ravno u njega i nastavio pjevati. Mislio sam da će ga ubiti. Tada sam pomislio kako se vjerojatno upravo zbog ovoga nalazim na tom mjestu i ustao. Časnik se okrenuo i oružje uperio u moju glavu. Imam je završio pjesmu i sjeo, a zatim sam sjeo i ja.“

Zaplijenjena plovila prebacili su u izraelsku luku Ašdod, a zarobljenicima cijelo to vrijeme nisu dali ni hrane ni vode. „Dali su nam samo malo čokolade koju su Izraelci ukrali iz trgovina na brodu.“ „Morali ste ih moliti da vas puste na WC, a mnogi su nuždu vršili u svoje hlače.“

U izraelskom se zatvoru njihov položaj nije mnogo poboljšao. Neish i zarobljenici koji su bili s njim i koji više od dana i pol nisu ništa pojeli, za obrok su dobili smrznuti kruh i krastavce.

Drugi se dan pojavila osoba iz kanadskog veleposlanstva i prozvala Neishovo ime. „Taj je čovjek išao od ćelije do ćelije u potrazi za mnom. Moja je kćer izbezumljeno salijetala kanadsku vladu tvrdeći da sam i ja plovio s flotilom. Iako su Izraelci znali moje ime i gdje se nalazim, nisu to priopćili ljudima iz kanadskog veleposlanstva. Kanađani – i moja kćer – zapravo su mislili da sam mrtav, jer su im drugi putnici rekli da sam se nalazio u blizini početnog napada. Pozitivna stvar je da su, dok su išli po ćelijama i tražili me, otkrili 2 Kanađana arapskog podrijetla za koje nisu ni znali da su također putovali za Gazu.“

Nakon što su nekoliko dana proveli u pritvoru, odjednom je nastala strka oko toga da se čim prije sve putnike prebaci u zračnu luku Ben Gurion i stavi na avione za Tursku. „Na kraju se pokazalo da su izraelski odvjetnici s našim slučajem otišli na Vrhovni sud, gdje su doveli u pitanje zakonitost našeg zarobljavanja u međunarodnim vodama. Postojala je mogućnost da bi sud vojsci mogao narediti da nas pusti i vrati nas na naše brodove, pa je vlada željela da izađemo iz Izraela. No 2 su muškaraca zadržali, vjerojatno Mossad (izraelska obavještajna agencija). Tako da smo nakon toga svi odbili otići ako njih dvojicu ne vrate.“

Dvojicu su muškaraca na to vratili među putnike i dopušteno im je da napuste Izrael zajedno s ostalima.

„Iskreno, nikad nisam pomišljao da će se Izraelci iskrcati na brod. Mislio sam da ćemo stići do Gaze. Ja sam išao u sklopu Pokreta za slobodnu Gazu koji je već prije pokušao doći do Gaze, ponekad uspješno, ponekad su se Izraelci ukrcali na njihov brod ili se zaletavali u njega, no ovaj se puta radilo o velikoj flotili. Mislio sam da će nas zaustaviti, možda pretražiti. Na mom brodu, Challengeru II, bile su samo ugledne osobe, uključujući 3 njemačka parlamentarna zastupnika, te potpukovnica Ann Right i ja.“

Još linkova o napadu na flotilu:

Demands to Israel Regarding Property

Indeed, the early testimonies of those participating in the flotilla and the video evidence which activists managed to prevent being seized by the Israeli military, provides prima facie evidence of the commission of grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention by Israeli military personnel involved in the attack on the flotilla and in the detention of its passengers. That evidence suggests that the following crimes were – and/or continue to be – committed:

- willful killing,

- inhuman treatment

- willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health

- unlawful deportation or transfer

- unlawful confinement

- taking of hostages; and

- extensive appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly. ...

In view of the above, it is entirely unacceptable for the international community to co-operate with any and all Israeli internal inquires (including the “Turkel commission” established by the Israeli government on 14 June 2010) or regard any such inquiries as an appropriate or sufficient investigative response to the events of 31 May 2010 and subsequent. In addition, this internal Israeli inquiry will be conducted without interviews with the crew, human rights activists and others on board the flotilla, nor the Israeli forces involved in the attack, making it wholly insufficient. Such Israeli commissions are not the fully independent, impartial and transparent inquiry, meeting international standards, that is required. In any event, only a fully independent inquiry, by an impartial and unbiased tribunal empowered to compel witnesses and suspects to testify before it and to ensure accountability, including by enabling criminal charges to be brought against any persons against whom there is evidence of acting illegally, is appropriate and acceptable. Nothing less will do. Inquiries which serve merely to whitewash the actions of any state's armed forces and to malign their civilian victims and witnesses serve nobody's interests in the long term: such 'inquiries' fundamentally undermine the rule of law, and bring governments and national justice systems into disrepute. They also serve to prolong conflicts and prevent reconciliation.

Citizen Voices from 26 Countries in Europe Express Outrage Over Israel's Actions

When year after year promises are not fulfilled, when instead demographic cleansing is the order of the day, when symptoms become the pretence for force and causes are ignored, when military action replaces peaceful dialogue, when honesty becomes travesty, there comes a time when the outcry of ordinary citizens no longer remains a whisper but becomes a crescendo. This time has come.

Smuggled footage of MV Rachel Corrie prior to its hijacking by Israeli forces

University of Korea cancels granting Peres honorary doctorates
Korejsko sveučilište otkazalo dodjelu počasnog doktorata Peresu (10. lipanj 2010.)

Jedno južnokorejsko sveučilište odlučilo je otkazati dodjelu počasnog doktorata izraelskom predsjedniku Shimonu Peresu zbog pokolja koji su izraelske okupacijske snage izvršile na brodovima humanitarne flotile. Južna Koreja je navodno htjela otkazati cijeli Peresov posjet toj zemlji, no nakon brojnih pritisaka na korejsku vladu, odlučeno je da se Peresa primi, no neki su planirani dijelovi njegovog posjeta otkazani. Deseci Koreanaca okupili su se u Seoulu prosvjedujući protiv Peresa kojeg su dok je šetao južnokorejskim glavnim gradom nazivali „ubojicom“. Peres je slijedeći dan trebao posjetiti Vietnam, no vlada u Hanoiju je zatražila odgodu posjeta na neodređeno vrijeme prosvjedujući na taj način protiv pokolja na brodovima flotile. Otkazani su deseci sastanaka i međunarodnih simpozija i konferencija u kojima je trebao sudjelovati Izrael.

Witness to State Terror: Aboard the Mavi Marmara (Fatima Mohammadi)

četvrtak, 17. lipnja 2010.

Zločini koje sam vidjela na Mavi Marmari

Informacije iz članka The crimes I saw on the Mavi Marmara koji je 8. lipnja 2010. napisala Lubna Masarwa, izraelska Palestinka i članica Pokreta za slobodnu Gazu koja se u Kfor Qari trenutno nalazi u kućnom pritvoru zbog svog sudjelovanja u humanitarnom pomorskom konvoju za Gazu. Članak u cijelosti na engleskom možete pročitati na linku.

Tijekom izraelskog napada na Mavi Marmaru koji je izveden duboko u međunarodnim vodama, nalazila sam se u unutrašnjosti broda. Putnici su bili nenaoružani civili u dobi od 1-godišnjeg djeteta do 88-godišnjeg svećenika. Išli smo u Gazu kako bismo probili opsadu koju Izrael 1,5 milijuna ljudi nameće već 4 godine. Prevozili smo humanitarnu pomoć i građevinske materijale, te pisma koja su za djecu u Gazi napisala turska djeca. Bili smo puni nade. Kad je napad započeo u 4 sata ujutro 31. svibnja 2010. naš je brod pretvoren u vojnu metu. Na palubi se najprije čula žestoka pucnjava, a zatim su specijalci izraelske okupatorske vojske zauzeli kontrolu nad brodom.

Nekoliko minuta nakon što je počeo napad u unutrašnjost su broda doneseni ranjeni i tijela ubijenih s palube. Nakon toga su nas zajedno s 4 tijela ubijenih i ranjenima, uključujući neke koji su bili u kritičnom stanju, tamo držali nekoliko sati. Krv je tekla iz mrtvih tijela i iz tijela ranjenih. Htjeli smo im pomoći, ali nismo imali potrebnu liječničku opremu. Nismo mogli ništa učiniti. Jedna je Turkinja plakala i opraštala se od tijela svog mrtvog supruga, dodirivala mu lice i čitala Kuran nad njim. Jedan je muškarac bio ranjen metkom u glavu i umirao je.

Od 5 sati ujutro nadalje preklinjali smo izraelsku mornaricu da pruži liječničku pomoć ranjenima i umirućima, no nismo dobili nikakav odgovor. Zatražili smo liječničku pomoć na engleskom i hebrejskom preko razglasa na brodu, a napisali smo i transparent na hebrejskom na kojem je pisalo „SOS... ljudi umiru i treba im hitna liječnička pomoć“. Transparent smo stavili na prozor ispred izraelskih vojnika, no oni su naredili ljudima s transparentom da se izgube.

Oko 7 sati ujutro naredili su nam da jedan po jedan dođemo do izlaznih vrata. Zatražila sam na hebrejskom da dopuste bolničarima da ostanu s ranjenima; jedan mi je vojnik rekao neka zavežem. Kasnije mi je doviknuo: „Hej ti, reci ranjenima neka, ako hoće ostati živi, izađu van jedan po jedan.“ Pokušali smo ranjene pojedinačno iznositi van, ali oni nisu mogli hodati i padali su.

Prebacili su nas na gornju palubu. Pretražili su nas; vezali su nam glave i prisilili nas da sjedimo ili klečimo na palubi dok je vojni helikopter nadlijetao brod samo nekoliko metara iznad naših glava. Teško naoružani vojnici s puškama i noževima stražarili su nad nama sa svojim psima. Stajali su oko nas s krvlju svojih žrtava na čizmama i šalili se te si upućivali vulgarne primjedbe o ženskim zarobljenicama. U tom su nas položaju držali satima. Mene su tamo držali do 1:40 sati u noći 1. lipnja 2010.

Čim su saznali da sam palestinska državljanka Izraela, odmah su sa mnom počeli grublje postupati i izolirali me od ostatka zarobljenih putnika. Odveli su me u zatvor u Aškelonu gdje su me držali u izolaciji i ponižavali na različite načine uključujući skidanje odjeće i pretraživanje 4 puta na dan. Slijedeći su nas dan izveli pred sud, a mene su držali u malom metalnom kavezu u policijskom automobilu 8 sati s vezanim rukama i nogama. Optužili su nas za različite stvari, od napada na vojnike do posjedovanja oružja. Sudac je policiji dozvolio da nam produlji pritvor još 8 dana. Nakon što je pritisak međunarodne javnosti izraelske vlasti prisilio da oslobode sve strane zarobljenike, sve su palestinske državljane Izraela ponovo izveli pred sud. Ovaj puta nam je sudac odredio kućni pritvor i zabranio nam da napuštamo Izrael 45 dana.

Nije čudno da Izrael ubija civile u međunarodnim vodama. To je izravni nastavak izraelske politike napadanja civila smrtonosnom silom, ubojite opsade Gaze i izraelske okupacijske i aparthejdske politike. Izrael osjeća da ima pravo opsjedati, ubijati i napadati civile u međunarodnim vodama. To je posljedica svjetske šutnje zahvaljujući kojoj Izrael misli da ima pravo tako postupati.