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Down On Your Knees Before Jewish Organisations

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Down On Your Knees Before Jewish Organisations

It seems that Jewish organisations did not realise the brutal truth which Vedrana Rudan presented to the public.
Translation: Nataša Zečević & Karmen Horvat
Published: January 28, 2009 22:59h

Vedrana Rudan, a writer and columnist of exceptionally sharp and brazen tongue, lost her job on Tuesday because she told the brutal truth about what the entire world is looking away from and pretending that it is not happening. She told her story and her view of the war in Palestine, about a little boy who was killed as the Gaza Strip was shelled.

In her speech on Nova TV network's show IN Magazin, Vedrana Rudan looked back on her ancestors, on her grandfather who killed in Jasenovac, wondering if she should answer for his crimes and wear that stigma her entire life. It seems, as it turned out in the end, that she should. It seems that Vedrana Rudan was right when she dared to touch on Israel with her severe comment. They showed her it was not allowed. Whoever dares, looses their job.

Palestinian boy as synonym for Anne Frank

A little boy whose photograph appeared in the end of her piece, frames in black, was Vedrana Rudan's synonym for Anne Frank. His name was Yahya Hayek. His lifeless body, left under the ruins had to have been identified by his grandmother after the Israel army shelled the Gaza Strip. Because she had to ID him, the grandmother said she would send a thank you note to the Israeli leaders because of their kind and humane gesture.

Rightfully, Rudan wondered why everyone knew who Anne Frank was and nobody knew the name of the little Palestinian boy who was also an innocent victim. Nobody is denying the suffering the Jewish people went through in the time of Nazism and fascism, as Rudan said herself, nobody is denying the Holocaust, but should the entire world fall down on their knees before Israel because of this, 80 years later? In other words, everything should be forgiven to Israel and they can do whatever they want, because they went through the most severe agony 80 years ago, nearly a century ago.

Rudan also said one thing which was severely condemned by the Jewish as well as state organisations, like the National minorities council. She quoted a sentence from the diary of Anne Frank: - Let Jews stop being Jews and start being people.

It is this sentence that was condemned by the Jewish organisations and made them attack her, without considering the context of Rudan's story and speech. There is also a sentence which the writer used as a synonym for the suffering of Yahya Hayek, who died in an attack, as well as for many other nameless Palestinian children killed in the brutal Israeli strikes (Israel will surely not accuse anyone of excessive shelling).

Borderline with hate speech

Vedrana Rudan presented a comment on that show which was borderline with hate speech, more horrible than anti-Semitism - Aleksandar Tolnauer, president of the National minorities council and a member of a Jewish organisation said.

Therefore, Rudan's comment was on the brink of hate speech, Tolnauer believes, but the question remains why, for instance, he did not voice himself when Zadar Mayor Zivko Kolega removed all national flags from Zadar's main square, because of just one flag – the Serbian one. Why did all state institutions get past that almost quietly, why did everyone feebly condemn the stoning of the Serbian Hemofarm owner's car… Wasn't that hate speech as well?

Why did not the same Jewish organisations condemn Israel's attacks on Gaza, why did they not condemn the killings of innocent children and people? Are Jewish organisations and their members in Croatia actually that threatened?

Anti-Semitism in Croatia

Unfortunately, Mrs. Rudan is a manifestation of a wider disease which is manifested in the Croatian society, and this is anti-Semitism – president of the Jewish community in Zagreb Bet Israel Ivo Goldstein pointed out.

Anti-Semitism in the Croatian society? Anti-Semitism, without getting into the historic meaning of the word and its background, means hostility towards Jews. Do Croats and people of other nationality living in Croatia have an anti-Semitic disposition towards Jews and what is Goldstein's claim exactly based on?

In her peculiar way, without using diplomatic language, Vedrana Rudan condemned Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, a day before the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked. With a reason. Or, as Sir Gerald Kaufman would say, member of the British Parliament, of Jewish origin: „The Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians… The Israelis are implying that Jewish lives are precious, but the lives of Palestinians do not count… Several days ago, spokesperson of the Jewish Army Livovich was asked about Israeli killings of 800 Palestinians, at the time, on Sky News. She replied straight away “500 of them were militants”. This was a Nazi reply.“

Untouchable übermensch

Statement that special UN investigator Richard Falk gave to Reuters can be added, who was sent to the Middle East to look into the state of human rights in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He concluded that the Israeli Army has committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Falk, of Jewish origin, compared the Gaza situation to the Warsaw ghetto, where Jews were located during World War II and which the Germans systematically starved.

It is exactly this that Vedrana Rudan wanted to warn about with her comment.

However, it seems that only one thing is evident in the end. Jewish organisations managed to turn Jews into what Hitler wanted to turn Germans into – übermensch. The Superman, the untouchable.